Mahuya Paul

A lot like love

A bit romantic.

A bit nostalgic.

A lot spacious.

A lot like love.

Europe smells like the soft tushy of a newborn.

It smells like teardrops of the love-lorn.

It smells like old books, and mountain dew.

And happiness that comes from watching the rainbow hue.

It smells like bales of golden hay.

It smells like rain on a dry summer day.

Europe smells like freshly baked bread

It smells like the cadence in Chris de Burg’s Lady in red.

Europe smells like the sound of the wooden chime,

It sure smells like you are having a good time. :)



Little by little,

Inch by inch,

The wall and the sun

Conducted their courtship,

Chaperoned by

The solemn painting.

I stumbled upon the trio

And was so amazed

That I found myself stepping in

And becoming one with them,

Disturbing their

Graceful self-sufficiency.